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Personal Injury

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Our firm’s primary focus is helping clients who have been injured. Among the legal services we provide in the personal injury field are the following:


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Our immigration law practice offers professional representation at reasonable prices. Among the legal services we provide are the following:

  • Citizenship/Naturalization
  • Immigrant Visas
  • Tourist Visas
  • Green Card Renewals
  • DACA
  • & More
Personal Injury Lawyers near you

Personal Injury

Our firm’s primary focus is helping clients who have been injured. Among the legal services we provide in the personal injury field are the following:

Personal Injury Lawyers near you


Our immigration law practice offers professional representation at reasonable prices.

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Damian Idiart - San Mateo Personal Injury Attorney
Justin Idiart - Medford Car Accident Attorney
Benjamin Nielsen - California Personal Injury Lawyer
John Almaguer - Immigration Attorney
Benjamin Nielsen - California Personal Injury Lawyer

At the Idiart Law Group, we are committed to helping you. You deserve compensation for your injuries.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury Attorneys

Auto Accident Attorneys

Auto Accidents

With top tier auto accident attorneys we help those who have been injured in a car accident due to the negligence of someone else. Victims of auto accidents are entitled to compensation.
Wrongful death lawyers

Wrongful Death

We help families that are going through the loss of a loved one. We understand that during this difficult time of your life it can be difficult to navigate the emotional and legal complexities of the loss of a loved one.
Dog Bite Attorneys

Dog Bites

We help those who have gone through the physical and emotional trauma of a dog bite. We hold the owners responsible and make sure you get the care and compensation you need. Find out if you are entitled to compensation for your dog bite today.
Slip and fall attorneys

Slip & Fall

If you have fallen or been injured due to the negligence of a property owner, we can help you get the compensation you deserve. With licensed lawyers in California and Oregon, we are equipped to help you with your slip and fall case.

Commonly Asked Questions

Providing helpful, useful & relevant Legal information 

Do I need a lawyer to help me on my personal injury claim?

Although you can handle a personal injury claim on your own, it is not advisable. Combining the insurance, medical and legal industries into one is the recipe for disaster. You need to focus on healing, on surviving. You can’t afford to be worried about handling every issue that will come up, in an area you really have no relevant experience in. Sure you will have to share some of your settlement with your attorney but in the end, you will be happy you did because you will have the peace of mind that your claim was handled properly and that you truly received the maximum compensation you could. And in our experience, even after paying your lawyer a percentage of your settlement, in the vast majority of the cases, you still come out ahead of those who handle their personal injury claims on their own.

How much is my case worth?

This is the number one question we get from prospective clients. And our standard answer is that it depends. A good rule of thumb is that the more injured you are the more your settlement should be. But there are so many factors that play into a case’s value, ie. permanency of the injury, how the injuries affect your employment future, cost of provable future medical expenses, etc. Ultimately a case is worth what a jury would award you if your case continues all the way to trial. Since most cases settle before trial both your lawyer and insurance adjuster handling your case will try to figure out what a jury might do with your set of facts and settle it within that range. We know that it is frustrating that you cannot tell what a case is worth from the outset, but focus on healing and getting better quickly. Hire your choice in lawyer and have confidence in him/her to do what you hired them to do.

What is a Free Consultation?

We offer a free consultation for personal injury cases. We do not charge you anything unless you get compensation. A free consultation lets you get a chance to get to know us and see how we will handle your case and ensures that we can help you with your case. If everything goes well from there we then can start a formal relationship representing you and working to help you fight the system.

What does a Personal Injury Lawyer do?

A personal injury lawyer or sometimes referred to as a PI lawyer provides legal service tho those who claim to have been injured either physically and or psychological a result of the negligence of another party (Person, company government, etc.).

Idiart Law Group often represents people how have been hurt in car crashes, dog bites, and slip & fall accidents. A personal injury lawyer will help navigate the complex legal system.

Customer Reviews

Trusted Attorneys in California and Oregon for over 20 years

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I was in a fender bender that caused some damage to my car- nothing too serious, but I suffered whiplash injuries. Idiart Law Group was able to get me a very fair settlement. They were great at regularly communicating with me and keeping me up to date with the case. I hope I don’t get into another accident, but if I do I know who I will call.” – Michael K.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I was in need of Lawyer and I called several law firms around the country but none were willing to help unless I payed upfront. After countless google searches I came upon Idiart Law Group. Over the next few weeks I was in constant contact with Idiart Law Group. I really appreciated their level of communication and I felt protected with a great deal of assurance everything would work out. They settled my case and I was thrilled with the outcome. I would recommend Idiart Law Group to anyone who wants the highest level of professionalism and protection from an Attorney.” – David C.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“Very informative and nice with a great since of humor – i would imagine in his line of business humor would be the necessary key of sanity – lol – they did a great job for my husband, who was hit by a car while riding his bike on 4th of July! I thank them and wish them and their families many blessings!” – Kris K.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I can not say enough wonderful things. From the first call I made until the case was closed I was kept well informed treated with respect and had any issue or questions delt with immediately. I would definitely recommend !” – Michelle A.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“First time using a lawyer. Always answered my calls/texts/emails. Got me the limit of insurance available. Would definitely use again. Love their energy and willingness to take my case. Called two other lawyers first who both said no to my case because “they were too busy and my case wasn’t big enough” LOL. This firm got me $100K, I guess the other ones don’t like money…or maybe just don’t like to work. TY Idiart Law.” – Gerald G.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“The simple fact is that this law firm earned the respect that I now have for it. So with all this said, don’t look anywhere else. Experience all this for yourself by talking with them. My case has been over for several months and life (fortunately) has moved on. I miss there protection, I miss there guidance, I miss them. So please realize these words, hire them, so you to can experience the feeling of these words. You won’t be sorry. One last thing, to Damian and jared. For the rest of my days I will never forget what you did for me – thank you ever so much and may God bless you and those who work there.” – James K.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I was in a car accident, not my fault. I fought for a fair settlement with the other insurance company for 2 years. At that point I ask Idiart lawyers to step in and help me. A year later, We settled of of court. I got a very fair settlement. Would recommend them to anyone.” – Leanna C.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“Idiart Law Group was like a lighthouse in a storm a beacon of light after my accident and injury. It was very traumatic injury and as I was trying to recover all I got were bills and demands from providers and ins.companies and much stress. Being at no fault I expected things to go smoother and things would work out but quickly found out I was wrong and needed help so I could concentrate on recovery. I am so happy I chose them to represent me so I couldn’t be taken advantage of. The stressful phone calls stopped and they took over the details. Not only did they take good care of me but they are good people and I wish them well.” – Sean S.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“This is the most honest law firm I’ve dealt with. I called them very close to limitations, as I thought an attorney wasn’t needed. Boy, was I wrong. Damian agreed to take the case and as skeptical as I was about attorneys, I’m so glad he agreed to take the case, because he believed my injuries, where the defense didn’t… I had multiple back surgeries, as well as car accidents. The case has been handled in an expeditious manner. Most of all, (which I almost can’t believe) the case has been fair! Need a Personal injury attorney, call Idiart Law Group, you’ll be glad you did! I will call them without thinking twice!” – Clair H.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I went with a lawyer for my car accident and these lawyers helped me a ton. The insurance company of the drunk driver that hit me and injured me made a small offer which I refused to accept. Finally after calling this law firm and after a few months of fighting with the insurance company, they got me the maximum settlement from the insurance company. It ended up being more than 10 times the offer the car insurance gave me on my own. I would recommend the Idiarts to anyone I know. ” – Salustiana A.

Personal Injury Lawyers near you

“I was in my first accident and I felt very lost. I am so thankful that I was guided through the insurance maze by my attorneys. I always felt listened to. And I am convinced that my settlement was far larger because of their help. Thank you Idiart Law Group.” – John B.

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Personal Injury Google Reviews
Personal Injury Google Reviews
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