Dog bites often appear less harmful than they really are. This is because a dog’s sharp canines can pierce deep into the flesh, muscle, and bone, leaving behind only small marks on the outside of the skin. Dog bites also have a propensity to become infected, compounding the situation and potentially even causing the risk of death. Here’s what to look for if a dog bite becomes infected and how to get help after a vicious dog attack.

1. Fever and Chills

If you develop a fever or chills after being bitten by a dog, it’s a sign of infection. The infection could be localized around the bite, or it may be in the bloodstream.

2. Fluid & Pus Coming from the Bite

Upon inspection, if the wound oozes pus, or there’s any fluid coming from the bite, it’s important to check it out. Pus is more indicative of a localized infection than a fever is.

3. Red Streaks Leading from the Bite

If you notice red streaks that originate at the bite and lead outward, this could indicate blood poisoning. Blood poisoning should never be treated at home and should always be treated by a medical professional.

4. Loss of Sensation In the Area of the Bite

If you experience numbness or a loss of sensation around the bite area, this could mean that the bite is becoming infected. Also, you can experience loss of sensation in the area of a dog bite with or without other infection symptoms.

5. Fatigue

If you tire easily, or have difficulty breathing after being attacked by a dog, this could indicate a localized or systemic infection. It’s easy for the body to become fatigued as it fights off the rapidly growing bacteria.

When to See a Doctor

Visiting the emergency room or an urgent care clinic is the most important thing to do after a dog bite. Many dog bites don’t look bad and people think they can be treated at home, only to find the bite seriously infected later. Always seek medical assistance as soon as possible. In fact, medical records are helpful in bringing forward a claim for compensation against the owner of the dog who attacked you.

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