The actions you take immediately after being injured in a slip and fall incident are important for being able to protect your right to file a legal claim. Some of the most common mistakes could jeopardize your ability to recover the compensation you so desperately need to pay for your medical bills. There are 7 primary mistakes that could cost you the compensation you need for a fair recovery. These include:

  •       Refusing medical treatment
  •       Failing to tell anyone about the accident
  •       Failing to preserve video
  •       Not following your doctor’s orders
  •       Discussing the details of the accident with the property manager, property owner or insurance adjustor
  •       Failing to take pictures
  •       Not getting the contact information from witnesses
  •       Giving any recorded statement or signed release to the insurance company
  •       Filing a lawsuit without the help of an attorney
  •       Accepting a settlement without an attorney

All of these mistakes could prove problematic for somebody who is facing an uphill battle of trying to recover compensation after a slip and fall accident. Talking to an attorney who has extensive experience in this field, on the other hand, can give you a better perspective on the things you do need to do to protect the integrity of your claim and increase the chances of your success as you initiate a lawsuit. Talking to an attorney can inform you about whether or not a settlement offer is truly in your best interests and anything else that you need to know by bringing forward your claim. The sooner that you speak to an attorney after the accident has happened the better position you will be in to protect your interests going forward. Do not hesitate to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer who has a broad background in representing those individuals hurt in slip and fall accidents.