Uninsured drivers beware! In 1996 California passed Proposition 213 with thunderous support from the insurance companies in an effort to save themselves some money at the expense of those injured in car accidents. The result of this law is to limit the recovery for uninsured injury victims in an automobile accident, even if the accident was no fault of their own. If you are the driver of the automobile in an accident where you are injured, and the automobile is uninsured, then you are entitled only to economic damages (i.e. lost wages, medical bills, etc.), but not to noneconomic damages (i.e. your pain and suffering). The noneconomic damages frequently surpass the economic damages, so limiting this recovery really takes a bite out of your possible recovery and your chance at being made whole. Always make sure to insure all your vehicles!!! Also, verify that any vehicle you drive is insured before you get behind the wheel, because you don’t have to be the owner of the car to have your recovery limited by Prop 213.

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