A police officer in a small borough in Pennsylvania, Bristol township, has finally received some good news in his fight against his fellow peace officers who he claims have wronged him. Officer Ritchie Webb alleges that because of his refusal to lie in order to protect a fellow officer accused of sexual impropriety while on duty, his department severely mistreated him.

Webb alleges that he was harassed, his calls for backup went unheeded, and that his supervisors even concocted allegations against him that led to his unlawful suspension for 11 weeks, all because of his refusal to change his story about his former fellow officer, Samuel Anderson’s inappropriate sexual relationship while on duty. Anderson was charged with and pled guilty to official oppression in March, 2009 for allegedly responding to a woman’s 911 call regarding domestic abuse, where Anderson then proceeded to have a sexual relationship with the woman.

Webb’s role in this was to testify against Anderson in the woman’s civil trial against Anderson, which was successful.  With all said and done, the woman received a settlement of $385,000, Webb received $440,000, and Anderson served three months in prison and was ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.