Injuries are shocking and life-altering. The process of bringing forward a personal injury claim can make things even more difficult. Here’s what you can expect when filing a claim and who can help advocate for your rights and best interests.

You Will Be Asked Endless Questions

It’s common for injured people to answer questions about their accident to law enforcement, doctors, their lawyer, and the other side’s lawyer. Some of these questions are the same, and some of them never seem to end. Be prepared to answer questions honestly and succinctly when you are asked. Also, ask your lawyer when it’s best to decline to comment.

A Trial May Be a Gamble

If an insurance company is unwilling to settle for a fair amount of money, it may be necessary to bring the case to trial. However, trials may be a gamble. Many attorneys think they have a slam-dunk case only to walk out with a loss. The variables lie with the jury. Today’s juries are not as in favor of injured parties as they once were. They often think injured people are only in it for the money. They don’t realize how astronomical medical expenses can be or account for punitive damages that are meant to penalize negligence versus compensating the plaintiff.

Talk to your lawyer about when going to trial is and isn’t a good idea. Understand that by moving forward with trial, you could get a lot more than you hoped for, or a lot less.

The Other Side Will Try to Discount Everything

It’s the job of the defendant’s attorney to paint you in a negative light. They may accuse you of being irresponsible and causing your own accident, or they may suggest that you lied about your injuries. Don’t let this affect you — try to keep your emotions out of the situation, be honest and firm about what happened, and keep the records to prove it.

Your Attorney Can Help You More Than You Think

Navigating a personal injury claim can be a nightmare. However, your attorney can guide you through the process step by step. At the Idiart Law Group, we have the resources and skills to help you succeed in your personal injury claim and obtain the compensation you deserve. Call today for a consultation at (855) 772-6969.