In Bloomingdales at the Bridgewater mall in New Jersey, Maria Hupalo and her husband Roman were shopping when one of the display mannequins fell and struck Maria. As a result of the falling mannequin, Mrs. Hupalo claims she has suffered “traumatic injuries” that were severe, painful and permanent, which required her to accrue extensive medical bills.

Mrs. Hupalo, in the lawsuit, claims that defendants, Bloomingdales, Inc. and their parent corporation, Macy’s Corporate Services, Inc., were “careless, reckless, and negligent in their construction, design, and maintenance of the premises.” She claims that because of their failures, a mannequin caused her harm.  Imagine a mannequin falling as if of its own accord right into you and causing major harm!

The bottom line here is that store owners, and especially large store owners like Bloomingdales, need to be more careful in their maintenance of the store premises in a safe condition. The law requires that the store owner who invites in the public for his own monetary gain protect those invitees from hidden dangers.  A misplaced mannequin that comes at you and injures you is about as hidden a danger to a shopper as it can get, and frankly, kinda creepy! It seems that Bloomingdales has acted like a “dummy” here.

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