One of the most harrowing challenges of riding a motorcycle isn’t learning how to ride the bike itself. In fact, it’s learning how to handle other drivers who share the road. Many car drivers are aggressive and fail to provide the same courtesies to motorcyclists as they do car or truck drivers. Here’s how motorcycle riders can handle other aggressive drivers and what to do if you or a family member are hurt in a motorcycle accident.

Maintain Your Speed and Concentration

When riding a motorcycle, obey the speed limits and maintain your concentration and awareness of the road and your surroundings. When dealing with an aggressive driver, avoid the temptation to speed around them or to allow them to distract you.

Don’t Tailgate Aggressive Drivers

Tailgating is dangerous and can easily lead to a motorcycle accident if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops. If the driver in front of you aggressive, they may do this in an effort to “stop” you from following too closely. They know that if an accident happens, they are the least likely to be hurt as a result. Keep several car lengths between you and vehicles on the road that are in front of you.

Don’t Weave In and Out of Traffic

Avoid weaving in and out of traffic or between other vehicles, even if traffic is backed up. This can anger other drivers and it’s simply not a good idea. Stay in your lane and drive your motorcycle as if you were in a larger vehicle that cannot maneuver around others. This can not only help you pre-empt aggressive drivers on the road, it can help you to avoid an accident.

Pull Over If You Need To

If there are one or more drivers on the road being particularly aggressive, don’t take the chance. Pull into a gas station, restaurant, or even off to the side until the aggressive drivers are past you. You can’t always anticipate driver negligence. If you do see aggressive drivers on the road, allow them to pass you to reduce the risk of a collision.

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