The Prevalence Of Motorized Scooters

There is no doubt that we have seen the number of motorized scooters increase in and around Los Angeles. They have become popular for those that do not own a car as well as provide easy transportation for college students. As long as you have a license, you can drive your scooter on the streets of Los Angeles, baring in mind that you must obey all of the same rules, regulations, and laws as any other driver in the city. While they may seem convenient because of their compact nature and appearance of simple operation, they can also be dangerous.

Motorized Scooter-related Injuries

The fact of the matter is that a scooter, relative to the size of a vehicle, is small.   If a motorized scooter driver is hit by another motor vehicle,  upon impact, the person operating the scooter is more likely to sustain serious injuries that can be life-threatening.  From broken bones to head injuries or even death, it’s possible that an accident of this nature can be life-changing for you and your family.  The physical trauma may take months or even years to recuperate from with endless physical therapy or even surgeries in an attempt to return your quality of life. Outside of serious physical injuries,  you may suffer from serious emotional trauma that will also require extensive therapies.

Common Reasons For Motorized Scooter-related Injuries

  • Vehicles not properly sharing the road with Scooters
  • Distraction of Motor Vehicle Drivers
  • Motor Vehicle DUI Related Accidents
  • Road Conditions or Defects

Where you hit by a motor vehicle while driving your motorized scooter?

If you have suffered injuries as a result of a motor vehicle collision with your scooter, you may not be aware of what to do next. Who will cover your medical expenses and or lost wages? Who will cover the cost of your long term recovery?  It is important to speak to a Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney to better understand what you may be up against.  A qualified personal injury attorney will help you understand if you can file a personal injury claim and compassionately guide you through the process. Learn more about your options and rights as soon as possible as time is always of the essence when a personal injury is involved in California. The statute of limitations to file your personal injury claim is two years. Call for help today.