Did you fall down on someone else’s property? Did you know that if you can show they were negligent in maintaining that property that you could recover compensation with the help of a lawyer? You’ve got to be prepared to take action quickly if you find yourself in this position.

One of the most challenging situations for a victim to deal with have to do with small business owners. Each case requires that you be able to illustrate fault and identify liability for all potentially responsible parties. You can do this by taking pictures of the scene of the incident and reporting the concerns to the owner or manager of the property at the time. However, you also need to advocate for your best interests by retaining an experienced slip and fall attorney.

There is no precise measure with which to determine when a business owner has legal responsibility for a customer’s injuries in a slip and fall accident. Every case hinges on whether or not the property owner or manager acted carefully enough to avoid significant accidents. This means that the person may have been aware of the problem and put up signs and other notifications to alert people that it had not been fixed yet. A business owner who ignores these responsibilities or should have known about a seriously hazardous condition and failed to take any action could be held responsible in court. The other important factor in proving fault in a slip and fall case has to do with whether or not the customer was careless in avoiding or not seeing the condition that ultimately caused the fall. It must be shown in general that the owner or possessor created the condition that they knew about and negligently failed to correct it or that it existed for such a period of time that the owner or possessor should have been aware about the potential risk for a slip and fall accident. It must have been foreseeable that the negligence on the part of the business owner or property manager should have seen the issue and attempted to fix it.